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Your inbox is already full of COVID-19 related emails. EVERY business in EVERY niche imaginable is sending them out. Some are helpful. Some are not. Many seem thrown together, panicked, and rushed out the door. In the worst cases, poorly written messages are raising alarm levels, confusing customers, and actually hurting business relationships.

I can help you with your ongoing messaging:
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• Press releases about changes in business hours, charitable outreach, or community investments
• Social media posts with key updates or community-building info
• Timely, situation-aware e-newsletter articles, brochures, and postcards

Putting out high-quality content and offers take time. Though it's wrapped in a package of crisis, COVID 19 does gift us with some remarkable creative lead time right now. You can start now, and when this current crisis passes, you will be able to be a mover and shaker in your market, stronger and better for having weathered the storm.

Christmas 2020 and COVID 19-Most Unusual Holiday in a Century                                  
                             by H. James Hulton III, The Write Stuff

In a year of the MOST unexpected, one thing has come to be expected: change. As COVID 19 case numbers rise rampantly across America, (15 million total cases generated, 285,000 total deaths as of Dec.8, 2020) it’s best to check the CDC’s website and local guidelines for the most accurate Christmas COVID 19 information for 2020.

The COVID 19 Pandemic has been stressful and isolating for almost all people in America. Hardest hit are the families who have suffered being struck by the virus, and those who have family members who have died. Indeed, Christmas 2020 will be one no one ever thought would happen in their lifetime.

Once having contracted the disease, people are either instructed to self-quarantine or be hospitalized. Both of these choices are extremely stressful. It has been like this for ten months this year. Some people have not taken this pandemic seriously and have caused this social stress to continue without abate. Prior holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day are strong examples of this. COVID 19 spikes occurred almost with ease after each one. Not only increased cases occurred, but also hospitalizations and deaths. This past Thanksgiving and upcoming Christmas can sadly cause the same result.

But gatherings during the upcoming holidays can be an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. This holiday season, however, people need to consider how their holiday plans can be modified to reduce the spread of COVID 19 to keep friends, families, and communities healthy and safe.

As a result of the 2020 Pandemic, millions of people in the US are struggling to put enough food on the table for themselves and their families. More people need help this winter than perhaps any other time in the past 80-plus years. So, there has been no better time to find ways to help others who are so unfortunate.

Fortunately, as Covid-19 plummeted on the U.S. and began closing businesses, schools and community centers, 56% of U.S. households engaged in charitable giving to help their jobless neighbors through the crisis, one-third of U.S. households gave money directly to charitable organizations, other individuals or businesses. Even with all of the economic insecurity of the coronavirus recession, people in the U.S. continued to donate money to help those suddenly in turmoil. Just weeks ago, the pandemic was predicted to only slowly improve over the course of years. However, Americans are encouraged to indulge in planning for an amazing holiday season – Next Year.

“Make Christmas 2021 the best you’ve ever had. It’s going to be so much better. COVID 19 then is going to be behind us.” That's the model followed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who said he’s most likely scrapping Christmas plans this year as he did for Thanksgiving 2020. “For my own family, I’m saying we had a really great Thanksgiving and Christmas last year. We’re looking forward to a really great Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2021,” he said.

Choose to keep chairs empty at the holidays this year or risk having them empty for years to come. That's the message being delivered in various forms by public health experts and politicians as COVID 19 continues to spread at a devastating pace.

The promise of an effective vaccine becoming widely available in 2021 means holiday gatherings are expected to be less risky next year and beyond, a hopeful future that could provide a pandemic-weary nation the resolve to scale down their celebrations this year.

But even as the nation's hospitals are filling up, many Americans are primed to make risky decisions this December they will regret for years to come. It doesn't have to be that way – especially if Americans make an effort to adjust their thinking and expectations, experts say.

Start planning for 'best' Christmas ever – in 2021!
While Christmas will certainly look bleakly different this year, that doesn’t mean people can’t celebrate Christmas during COVID. The key to safe and healthy COVID Christmas plans is to keep them as small and intimate as possible. While the CDC doesn’t currently have a limit or recommendation on the number of guests allowed per party, the fewer people invited, the less risk is posed for guests.

Taking care of oneself and community at holiday time
In summary, taking care of friends and family can be a stress reliever, but it should be balanced with care for oneself. Helping others cope with their stress, such as by providing social support, can also make the community stronger. During times of increased social distancing, people can still maintain social connections and care for their mental health at times when it matters most.